Com Janitorial is a cleaning company providing commercial and apartment cleaning services in Denver Colorado. Our janitorial services include office, commercial, and air duct cleaning. For more information, please give us a call today or come by 2150 S Bellaire Street, Denver Co 80222
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Striping And Waxing

COM Janitorial Services provides commercial & expert floor burning. After several coats of floor wax have been laid down, the floor wax builds up. Built up wax on the floor can create the floor look boring and boring, although wax can help protect and glow the floor. It is necessary to protect the life and the health of any floor to strip off these layers of wax. This completely prepares the floor for a new part of wax that will create the floor look new again.

Floors are a big deal in company lobbies, house washrooms, residence cooking areas, and many other places. They can be rather expensive to protect and install. We specialize in burning surfaces of old wax and stain removal. Our expert floor strippers get ready every floor for that new part of wax that will create the client very proud of the new looking floor.

COM Janitorial Services provides commercial & expert floor burning that will get ready the floor to look hard, bright, and fresh. These surfaces are usually one of the most impressive features of any building. Well maintained and eye-catching surfaces will provide a safe and fresh working environment and enhance the expert image of any house or office. The first step to the procedure of having a better looking floor is burning off the old wax.

Our floor specialists have numerous years of experience and undergo a certification procedure after extensive training. They are professionals during every phase of the procedure such as overall look, care of the premises, scheduling, communication as well as the end result.

We will first vacuum the surfaces to eliminate waste, dirt, and dirt. We will then deep fresh the surfaces using a power floor scrubber to eliminate the remaining dirt, waste, and dirt. If necessary, we will next use a hard surface company tool up to 1000 psi, which removes floor in dirt and dirt. Our floor specialists are especially careful to mask around carpeted places and baseboards.

Floors can become permanently damaged with unsafe and unsightly scratches as a result of floor in resolution and dirt. Beautiful floor can become less than expert looking because great traffic places will usually collect a considerable amount of resolution and dirt. Our clients save money in the long run by having preventative maintenance and regular cleaning performed on their surfaces. This also increases the durability of their surfaces.

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