Com Janitorial is a cleaning company providing commercial and apartment cleaning services in Denver Colorado. Our janitorial services include office, commercial, and air duct cleaning. For more information, please give us a call today or come by 2150 S Bellaire Street, Denver Co 80222
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You should consider Com Janitorial Services for your Cleaning alternatives ....


Commercial Services

COM Janitorial services knows that first opinions depend and so do second and third opinions  ....


Apartment Complex cleaning

COM Janitorial Services provides residence cleaning. Nothing could be easier than ....

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An Conclusion of Our Professional COM Janitorial Cleaning Service

Your particular Facilities home is unique, and because of this you need personalized attention from the cleaning care and company you select. From washing ms ms windows to cleaning areas and rugs, attention to information is at the middle of how we technique every cleaning Services based job.

Commercial Services:

COM Janitorial services knows that first opinions depend and so do second and third opinions and every impact after that. COM janitorial provides general features cleaning and developing servicing services with the objective of your company create a great impact, whenever.......... Read more.

Office Cleaning:

Office cleaning & office building cleaning from trained office cleaners – let us provide the clean office you and your employees deserve at a low cost. We have a lot of experience providing top quality Cleaning alternatives, at affordable expenses throughout the position......... Read more.

Apartment Complex Cleaning:

COM Janitorial Services provides residence cleaning. Nothing could be easier than having our uniformed residence cleaning experts reach our clients' residence with all of the cleaning equipment and provides. Our clients come home to a dazzling residence after we have done their residence cleaning......... Read more.

Striping And Waxing:

COM Janitorial Services provides commercial & expert floor burning. After several coats of floor wax have been laid down, the floor wax builds up. Built up wax on the floor can create the floor look boring and boring, although wax can help protect and glow the floor. It is necessary to protect the life and the health of any floor to strip off these layers of wax.......... Read more.


COM Janitorial Services provides expert and commercial floor wax and understands that it takes considerably less time to sustain the floor than it does to recover one. However, many people don't sustain their surfaces and that is when they contact us. There are many different steps to floor restoration required to recover the floor effectively......... Read more.

Commercial Carpet Cleaning:

At COM janitorial services, our Workplace Rug Cleaning Services support is aware of that you want to secure the financial commitment that you have in your carpet by increasing its lifestyle moreover to simply cleaning your carpet. We have a lot of acquiring fresh carpet in operating surroundings and can certainly fresh and secure your carpet......... Read more.

Air Duct Cleaning:

Air flow systems are often the biggest culprit in poor inside air top quality. Create it a priority to examine the ducts of your home or office.

If your HVAC has been operating for some time without attention, it could be distributing smells, dust and other substances.......... Read more.

New Construction Site Clean-up:

As your growth venture techniques finalization, make sure that your new position will be fresh, fresh and in perfect move-in condition.
We identify growth plans change.... Read more

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Com Janitorial Services have been cleaning our office for two years. I have nothing bad to say about this company. Great customer's service. I am always looking forward to Monday morning as the off...

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